Falling Down

Current Location: St. Paul, Minnesota

The list of thank-yous for the help I recieved in Michigan is long and important. Thank you to Aunt Kathleen and Uncle Homer, Uncle Davey, Aunt Gretchen, Cousins Jim, Renee, Rachel, Bob, Sarah, Mike, Bill, and Luke. Without all the support I recieved there Michigan wouldn’t have been half as fun as it was.

On a seperate note I have to apologize to the Mokihana boys for not being able to attend this years Air Guitar National Championship where Fatty “the Rockness Monster” competed again this year. He didn’t win but I hear a good time was had.

As for what I’ve been up to. I arrived in Minnesota about a week or so ago and all I can say that i’ve been doing is bicycling. On a normal day i’ll put out 40 miles but just today I upped it to 50 miles on a new route. I have also tried water-skiing for the first time and to say it went unsuccesfully would be the understatement of the year. Fortunately theres no photographic proof of this escapade. I hope to give it another go this weekend with some new advice from my uncle through another person he taught, “pretend you’re taking a dump in the lake.” So we’ll have to see how that goes.

I also got a chance to go tubing behing a power-boat and that is what I call ridiculous fun, all I do is laugh behind the boat the entire time as Jim tries to shake me off the tube. I’d reccomend tubing to all as it’s bound to have a theraputic effect on you, if you don’t go barreling into the water at 30 miles per hour.

Other than that i’m sort of preparing to head to Seattle in about a week and a half for a few weeks before heading down to LA where I can leave for New Zealand. Hard to belive that October is right around the corner.