The Get-Together

Having just gotten back from the Great Minnesota Get-Together aka the State Fair or what I have deemed an exercise in excess it something ceartainly worth writing about. For those that haven’t had the experience of attending this state fair i’ll try to explain a little bit about it, but I must say that i’ll not do it justice.

First is the sheer size of the fair, by my guess, is at least 300 acres large and every available space is covered with a booth (mostly food.) Since I mentioned food it’s appropriate to explain the food in some detail. Just about everything from pie to pickles to pork chops comes on a stick. Second to that I would say that most things come fried, like cheese, candy bars, and chocolate covered bacon. The calorie consumption is staggering, by my estimation the amount of calories eaten in this 12 day fair could feed the country of Liechtenstein for a month.

Second thing that struck me about the fair is that it really does capture what I had pictured to be a State Fair. They had the 4-H kids out in force with their horses, cows, sheep, chickens, llamas, etc. I saw a 820 lbs. pumpkin and I hear there is the worlds largest pig at the fair but I didn’t happen upon him.

Finally is the sheer number of people visiting the fair, the street on friday is wall to wall people and I didn’t even stay for the night festivities so i’d only imagine it got worse than the daytime crowd. The only comparison I would have would be that of the street in Mong Kok in Hong Kong. It was an amazing place to visit, but towards the end I got tired of being crammed in with people stuffing themselves silly.

For those keeping track of my waterskiing prowess the count stands water 2, dug 0. The way i’ve come to see it is man wasn’t made to walk on water, for now… I’ll be back to give it another try, hopefully 100 lbs lighter.