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Current Location:Skagen, Denmark

The only word I have yet had to have translated in all the travels has been beer.  I guess we have the Germans to thank for that one.   Through all of Germany the siren call of the biergarten was strong, especially along the river sides.  Talking to other Germans cycling along they say they feel the same way.  Usually I can ride off one beer, but if I decide to stay for a second one then I had better be close to a campsite because I am not making it much further than that.

Meeting mom and dad in Copenhagen was really good, we did some touristy things like museuming.  And we ate, or at least I sure did.  The steak I had on the ship sure beats pasta any time.  It sure made it worth the 10 days ride up from Austria to meet them.  I also got to run into Ray and Sonya who pulled into the harbor the day after mom and dad.

Meeting people while travelling has really been the highlight to what I have been doing for the last couple years.  So meeting people in one country often means I get invitations to visit them if I make it to where they are.  This happened in Copenhagen where I met two girls travelling in Vietnam.  We all got rained in while in Mui Ne and got along quite well so they said when I got here I should stop by.  We had a great Danish dinner with some of their friends and laughed a lot.  Thanks to Hanne and Katrine for hosting.

One of the suggestions from Hanne and Katrine for what I should do in Denmark was to ride to the northern tip of Denmark and put my feet in both seas.  While in Copenhagen I was doubting this idea, mostly because all I ever saw in Denmark was cold grey days, fighting a headwind.  But on arriving here it turns out to be a brilliant day and a tailwind.  Unfortunately now I turn into the wind and finish out the day once again fighting a headwind.

I have started to think its time to start the ride across America.  I will head south for a while and make it back to Holland to see how I feel by then.  If I still feel the same way I should be back in America to start while the summer is strong.

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  1. Heck, the Michigander would feel like a vacation to you at this point. Any chance you might make it?

  2. Doug,

    Our door is open whenever! Your talk about travels to the the good old USA is music to our ears!



  3. Doug,
    When you figure out what you’re going to do, I’ll send you the maps.

    You posted from Skagan. Your mom & Dad couldn’t stop. I think Skagan is where Grandma Rose is listed as being from.

    Aunt G

  4. @bill doesnt look like it, wish I could but i think i’ll be a few days late.

    @AuntG Mom guys said it was Aalborg. Skagen is a nice little town, a little yuppiesh for me but nice anyway.

    @Kathleen me too, it will be nice to get back to some american foods and family again.

  5. You should cycle around the east coast a bit before heading west. You can hit up areas that most of us from Hawaii never get to see. NY, DC, Arlington National Cemetery, The Smithsonian, etc.

  6. @Branden I would but time is running short, the summer is here and it’s gonna take me at least 2 months to cross the US… and if I wanna visit people thats extra time, so… do what I can I guess.

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