Crossing Green, White, and Blue

Current Location: Blue Lake Mountain, New York

Friday is Pieday, thats all it took to get me into a diner in New Hampshire. I may bemoan the state of some foods in America but there are a few things we do great, and pie would be one of them. There were about 6 pies on the shelf but the girl didn’t get far past chocolate peanut butter pie. Three of my favorite things together: chocolate, peanut butter, and pie… it didn’t stand a chance.

I think I’ve got most of the appalachin mountains out of the way at this point, the title is a reference to what a guy told me at a gas station as I explained what I was doing. He was also on a bike but just said jeeze, you gotta cross the green and the white. I figured he meant mountains. I surprised myself by getting over them fairly easily, which isn’t to say I don’t huff and puff but at least I don’t stop like I used to.

The scenery along the mountain sides are remarkable and the towns are quaint enough, with a diner here and there. Though I might complain that I can never find a diner when I want a cup of coffee in the morning.

I’m in the middle of the Blue Mountain Ranges, which I belive John Denver sang about? Though I could be wrong. Nice agian with little traffic, except for logging trucks which I love so much. I start the Erie Canal the day after tomorrow which will take me straight into Buffalo basically.

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  1. Doug … would that be “Rocky Mountain High”? Maybe he also sang about a Blue Mountain Range …. but I don’t thinks so.


  2. I was telling a couple of folks on the Michigander about your exploits. We got to the current day:
    Me: “So, he’s back in the States, and after riding around Europe, he’s going to do the coast-to-coast ride here.”
    Guy: “That’s awesome.”
    Me: “Alone. No support, carrying his gear, camping.”
    Guy: “Wow.”
    Me: “Oh, and he’s going east-to-west.”
    Guy: “… Wait, what? Because the ride isn’t hard enough, you also need to add the wind to it?”


  3. @jake thats the reference I was looking for

    @bill so i’ve come to find out, tho as I’ve said before I don’t think anything will comapre to Denmark, so no complaints.

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