Round Two

Well we are now officially 2/3’s done with garage sales, huzzah! Todays take was just north of $250 which puts the grand total at around $752.00, too bad thats also the price for a gallon of gasoline right now. Surprisingly enough having a garage sale on a Friday isn’t as bad an idea as I thought it might have been, the turnout was actually better than last week on a Saturday. My guess is there are less garage sales to compete with on a Friday. We actually had a time when the garage was completely full of people which was kinda nice to see so much of it going.

Sunday is our last garage sale when everything will be out there including all the furniture we are currently using including the bed i’m sleeping on (i’ll be moving to the basement couch which is staying with the house since dad doesn’t want to move that beast out of the basement.) Then it’s on to cleaning the house which is scheduled to be completed by Thursday at the latest.

Not much else going on around here, i’m looking forward to Macinac island which we will hopefully get to visit. We are also going to the northern part of Wisconsin to see where my dads grandparents grew up.

Everything Must Go

Hooray, We just finished our first garage sale today. Our grand total was $502.00, though that number is a little artificially inflated due to selling of a sterling silver silverware set to a gentleman for $250.00.

I must say that the turnout was pretty good even if the newspaper got the address wrong in the paper. We sold a little bit of everything from the folding bed in the attic to a few of the hundreds of posters my dad had collected through the years. Speaking of the posters one gentleman actually spent a full hour flipping through each and every poster just to find the ones he wanted; at a nickel a piece you can’t go wrong for a poster.

We have two more sales to go then whats left is given to the Salvation Army. I’ve posted a few pictures from todays sale. The Waukegan leg of this trip will be over in about a week and a half, then it’s on to mysterious Michigan.

So Much Stuff

I’ve posted a few pictures that i’ve taken while trying to sort through all of grandmas stuff. So far the coolest things we’ve found have been a mink coat/cape thingie thats still in perfect condition (dad says it belonged to his grandmother.) We found a folding camera which took me a while to figure out how to change the film. We found news papers from 1908; let me put that into perspective, thats the end of World War 1… let that sink in for a second. World. War. 1. Jeeze thats old. We found a bunch of stuff my dad sent back from africa like a crossbow, a drum made of zebra hide, some other drums, a sword from Indonesia I think.

We cleaned out the attic today where dad was storing what mom and I estimate to be 1000 posters, sooo if anyone has a desire of a poster let me know. We are also sorting through boxes and boxes and boxes of pictures. I think grandma tucked pictures away into every nook and cranny possible in this house, it seems that every cupboard that we open we find more pictures to sort through.

I’ve updated some pictures in the Road Trip gallery, i’ve also sorted it so the newest pictures are at the beginning instead of the end wihch makes a ton more sense.

Home? at Last

Distance Travelled: 2844.7

Current Location: Waukegan, Illinoise

I have reached the final destination of this road trip but I can hardly call this place home, I’m not sure if i’ll be afforded that luxury for the forseeable future. Someone was talking about how much fun it is to go on vacation and that coming ’home’ is that much more gratifying. I’m sure coming home after a 2 year vacation will be infinately enjoyable.

It was kinda sad leaving Minnesota thanks to the family thats there. What a great bunch of people up there that treat us great. If it weren’t for the sub 0 temperatures that plague that area I might think of moving there but I think a Maui boy like me would be a popsicle at the first snow.

Thanks goes to Jess, Lou, Uncle Donney and Aunt Betty, Rob, Patty, MaryBeth, Ruthie, Jim, Theresa and everyone else up there. I’ve gotten a few invitations to head back up that way which I intend on taking up so I can learn to sail and jet ski, and do more visiting. These are things i’ve heard about since the beginning of time so I can’t wait.

We started work on Grandmas house today, we cleaned out the garage and got that in a decent enough condition. This is the staging area for our upcoming garage sales; looking through the house we have a ton of work ahead of us. If anyone needs anything in the greater Chicago area let me know, we got a house full of stuff that needs a home.

A Foreign Man in a Cold Land

Finally got my computer working again, it turned out my 6 year old harddrive on my laptop bit the dust.I really must find a way of backing up all my pictures, fortunately it’s been a while since i’ve deleted all the images off of my compact flash card.

Everything is going fairly well, been spending a lot of time with family up here. It’s great to get anopprotunity to spend time with family like this.

I’ve added pictures in the album. Mt. Rushmore is now there along with pictures of my uncles cabin onMille Lacs Lake and a visit with our old family doctor who now lives here in Minnesota.

We plan to be leaving for Waukegan on Friday morning so I expect we’ll be hard at work on Saturday morning.