Home? at Last

Distance Travelled: 2844.7

Current Location: Waukegan, Illinoise

I have reached the final destination of this road trip but I can hardly call this place home, I’m not sure if i’ll be afforded that luxury for the forseeable future. Someone was talking about how much fun it is to go on vacation and that coming ’home’ is that much more gratifying. I’m sure coming home after a 2 year vacation will be infinately enjoyable.

It was kinda sad leaving Minnesota thanks to the family thats there. What a great bunch of people up there that treat us great. If it weren’t for the sub 0 temperatures that plague that area I might think of moving there but I think a Maui boy like me would be a popsicle at the first snow.

Thanks goes to Jess, Lou, Uncle Donney and Aunt Betty, Rob, Patty, MaryBeth, Ruthie, Jim, Theresa and everyone else up there. I’ve gotten a few invitations to head back up that way which I intend on taking up so I can learn to sail and jet ski, and do more visiting. These are things i’ve heard about since the beginning of time so I can’t wait.

We started work on Grandmas house today, we cleaned out the garage and got that in a decent enough condition. This is the staging area for our upcoming garage sales; looking through the house we have a ton of work ahead of us. If anyone needs anything in the greater Chicago area let me know, we got a house full of stuff that needs a home.