Another Ocean

Current Location: Seattle, Washington

I have to give Alastair a lot of credit, I’ve now climbed the hills that lie between Canada and Seattle and they are a rough reminder of what Washington offers.  I say this even after climbing all the mountains across America; Washington hills for whatever reason have me lower and lower on the cogs at a time when I didn’t think I really needed them any more.  Had I started in Vancouver last time who knows how it would have went for me last time.

I’m happy to be back in Seattle, it’s probably one of the big cities I can be in and not feel overwhelmed.  Though I do have the feeling I’d be pretty happy anywhere with a roof over my head, but it’s always nice to be sharing time and food with friends again.  We managed to hit all of my favorite spots in town and get introduced to a few others now that Matt and Angie have had time to scout the area out properly.

I only have a few states left in this whole ride and it’s crashing to an end.  I added a few pictures, I know I’ve seriously been slacking in the photo department but when I’m riding 10 hours a day it leaves little time to shoot around.

Ruthies View of the Great Get-Together

3 Replies to “Another Ocean”

  1. It must be a cool feeling to have cycled across the states! Yes, I remember those hills well. Until I got to Oregon I thought I was going to have to quit the ride early because I didn’t have my fitness yet. Are you heading down to LA then? You’ll get to stay at all those great place like Cape Lookout! Don’t forget to avoid Cape Disappointment, because it really is a disappointment ;¬)

  2. Dug! Seattle is one city I seriously considered moving to…to live that is. Of course that was when the economy was good everywhere…haven’t researched in a while but maybe in the next year or two I may “reconsider” 🙂

    Hey saw some of your pics…what is that carving made from??? I’m so glad you’re still all in one piece 😀

  3. @T butter! wonderful butter, the contestants get to take home their bust after the fair… can you imagine what you could do with 90lbs of butter?

    @Alastair yup, riding again down the coast, it’s dug vs. Pacific Coast : Leggett Hill showdown. I’m looking forward to Cape Lookout and definitely skipping disappointment point.

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