A Whole Lot of Plain

Distance Travelled: 2172.1 miles

Current Location: Sioux Falls, South Dakota

I must confess I never calculated out how many miles I would have to drive to get to my destination. Granted, I haven’t taken the most direct route possible it still boggles the mind that I could have driven around Oahu 8 times by now, assuming wikipedia is correct (I tend to hold wiki close to my heart as it is a spring of information in which almost any information can be found.)

Todays drive was about as exciting as Wyoming but it was punctuated with the Black Hills which made for a decently scenic drive for about half the day.

As Superman commented in my previous post about why the Black Hills are named as such (because of the trees on the hills which from a distance give the hills a decidedly dark appearance.) It was quite obvious driving through them why they were named like that, so that mystery has been solved. Thanks Superman, for never letting me down.

Also of note was Mount Rushmore, which was well worth the stop. I first saw George Washington peek his head around the corner, then dissapear again as I kept driving. It was enough to confirm that it was worth the drive. I took a bunch of pictures but they are all from basically the same perspective, so i’m not sure how exciting they will be. I haven’t had a chance to review the pictures yet but once I do i’ll post a few.

I was dissapointed a little with the lack of hiking around Mt. Rushmore. I was hoping for a 4hr trail which I could knock out and then drive a little. It was limited to a .5 mile walk around with an audio tour you could rent (I passed.) I did poke around the museum a bunch to figure out why and how it was done, a pretty interesting process used to complete this monument.

I stopped at a few random places on the way, Wall Drug was one which had what I estimate to be close to 100 billboards advertising everything from root beer, to 5cent coffee , to a tyranasouraus rex. It was fairly kitschy, even rexy was a dissapointment as a sign next to him announced that he roared every 15 minutes, I didn’t bother waiting.

Tommorows plan is to make it to St. Paul Minnesota where i’ll wait for ma and pa. They are currently on the Canadian train en route to Winnipeg, Manitoba where they will catch a bus down to St. Paul on Saturday which is when I meet them. Should be an easy enough drive.