The Plan

I’ll be leaving Seattle tomorrow for what I expect to be a 20 day ride (that’s assuming I take a few break days.) Plan a has me going all the way to Los Angeles while plan b has me going to Fresno, if Fatty and Janice go to the Fresno – UH game on the 4th I might be able to meet up with them and catch a ride back to LA. I’m guessing I can do about 80 – 100 miles a day hopefully, but we’ll have to see how I do with a fully loaded bike, up until today I’ve just been riding 60 miles with the rear panniers attached with stuff to weight it down a bit. As for accommodations along the way I’ll just be roughing it, which means I most likely won’t be able to update this until I hit LA.

I’ll spend today paring down the rest of my belongings down to the bare essentials which means the laptop finally has to go. I think if I brought it i’d regret the extra weight somewhere in the trip and toss it in favor of a lighter bike. I got my front panniers yesterday so that’s basically the last piece of the puzzle in terms of the bike.

Seattle has been a lot of fun, the house I live in now reminds me a lot of the Frank St. house where we had 10 people living in it at it’s height. Before that it was good food and good beer with Matt and Angie who recently moved up here.