Riding Wet

Just a quick note that I’m in Tillamook at the library. I’m super paranoid that my bike will get stolen as it’s outside. Spent the day yesterday riding in the rain so I decided when I got to Manzantia to get a room and warm me up and dry off my clothes. I really liked Manzantia, it’s a quiet little hollow right on the beach of Oregon. Took a walk on the beach this morning with my shoes off, I must have been the only person without shoes on but I did put my feet in the Pacific just to say I did, quite cold. I can’t believe people surf ocean on this side, I just want to tell them to go to Hawai’i and try it there.

On another note I’ve just about given up on pronouncing Hawai’i and just moving to Hawaii, nobody understands me when they ask me where i’m from. The progression usually goes “Hawai’i, the 50th State, an island chain in the middle of the Pacific Ocean” If they still don’t get it at that time I tend to give up.

I’m off to Cape Lookout state park tonight for some camping, I hope it stays dry. Biking is getting a lot easier after getting rid of weight and being vigilant on tire pressure.