Disbanding the Group

Just a quick note to say that i’m camping outside of San Francisco and did a dry run through the city today with Jay to make sure tommorow we can get through the city easily. So this basically means today is a rest day for me.

Today marks the end of the group that I had been travelling with. Alistair is staying with friends of his in San Francisco, Tanya left this morning to catch a grayhound back to Vancouver and should be back in Germany in a few days, and Wolfgang left to visit friends of his in Petulma which leaves Jay and I to make it to Half Moon Bay tomorrow. After that i’ll be by myself again until I meet the next group of people. It was a lot of fun camping with these folks and if they read this remember to keep the rubber side down.

Today also marks the first time i’ve eaten it off the bike this trip. Due to riding without bags my bike handles completely differently so flying down a hill a corner came up too fast and I braked enough to control the hit but still scratched up a bit. Fortunately the bike was just fine.

Some numbers for you. My odometer ticked past 1,000 the other day. It should be higher but it wasn’t working for the first few days and it also has some miles that I added in Seattle and St. Paul. My high speed for the trip is now 46.56 miles per hour. My average speed for yesterday was 13.03 miles per hour. My goal for average had been 12 miles per hour but I clearly surpassed that.

Last night was extremely cold and I decided it was finally time to get my first pair of long underwear, I hope it makes a difference.