Breaking Things

Current Location: Gisborne, Aotearoa

As Dean would probably say I break rubber tires like a break rubber slippers (due to my big haole feet.) Fortunately for me I happen to be riding on rubber tires backed by kevlar. The day I left Rotorua I thought it would be a prudent decision to have a spare tire. Luckily for me the rear tire I was riding on decided to give up and I was halfway through the kevlar before deciding to swap it out. It’s a nice feeling knowing i’m part of the century club, I doubt many people can say that.

I finished today riding into Gisborne after a 170km ride (a little further than I expected but a nice ride none the less.) I did it mostly to challenge myself to see if I could accomplish a 100 mile ride in a day and I came out on the other end fairly happy with myself. It turned out being a long day filled with peanut- butter- banana sandwiches. Aotearoa can be a cruel mistress, she puts a lot of hills everywhere. I must say the last hill while only 100m, really gave me a tough time.

Around the coast I stayed at a few hostels which were really neat. One of them I got to go out on the boat and check crayfish pots. By the time we were done checking 6 pots we had a 5 gallon bucket full of the critters. He offered me one but I couldn’t carry it on my bike, plus it doesn’t fit my whole scheme of pb&b sandwiches.

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone, have an extra couple pieces of turkey and maybe a slice or two of pie for me. I promise to cycle off for you (guilt free eating!)

edit: I wrote most of this last night but the internet was wonky

edit2: I added a few more pictures