Toodle Pip

That’s one of the more obscure phrases I’ve picked up from Max since being here. I think it basically means goodbye or see ya later. I figured it was a fitting title seeing as the year is coming to an end and I’m on my way to the next wwoofing opportunity (cheese and trains.) I got new tires from mom and dad for christmas so I’ll strap those on and get riding once again. Fortunately or unfortunately the ride is only about 80km from where I am now so it won’t be all that challenging, though I do have to cross the puketoi mountain ranges so that ought to make it an interesting ride.

Tomorrow will be the first day we’ve taken off since I arrived here shortly less than a month ago. We’re going to head out to a place called castle rock (it’s a beach about 2.5 hours down the way that’s a ways outta the way) We’ll picnic and hang out and I’d imagine Alex will try to get some rock climbing in and I’ll go on some hiking. It’ll be a terrific change of pace from hurling trees around. On the topic of tree hurling we didn’t get to finish the whole paddock clean of scrub (probably about 4 days shy of finishing the project) But we gave it a good go of cleaning. I’ve definitely left my mark on Wildside farms and some of Pongaroa. I definitely like the idea of wwoofing after being here and Branden hit the nail on the head with his comment about how the work balances out with life, it makes for leisurely days just about every day and I always feel like i’ve accomplished something. Definitely a positive experience.

Happy new years to all you out there, take care.

I’ll try to post some pictures tomorrow.