Aftermath of a Fall

Not round anymore Does not roll well. 
a tear in the tyre The puncture that I think caused the disaster. 

Here are the pictures I promised to post, I was having a lot of trouble getting my camera to connect to the computer but I think it was a computer issue instead of a camera issue, thankfully. As you can see it doesn’t look pretty. I’m feeling a lot better but still sore in my chest and a little on the top of my shoulder (that bone you have sticking out of the top of your shoulder hurts like nobody’s business.) But at least I can get myself out of bed again, the day after the accident I rolled myself out of bed and managed to climb back up.

As for the wheel the news is so-so. I took it into town to the one place that wanted to help me out (once again no one is really interested in touching a 27inch wheel) and they managed to find me a steel rim which they say will be heavier (which I don’t care about too much) and that slowing down will be a little harder (which should make life interesting.) The other option was to wait 4 weeks while they shipped in a new rim from Australia, which wasn’t an option for me. Which means that my tyre (NZ way of spelling it) should be ready to roll on Monday which then puts me on the road on Tuesday, whoohoo.

On a completely different note I’m getting to work with another wwoofer again which is turning out to be super fun. This time it’s a girl from Germany by the name of Anna. I just call her the crazy German. I have to say that it’s a lot more fun working with someone, sure makes the days go by quicker. I’m really thankful that Bryan and Franziska let me stay another week, especially since they had another wwoofer coming. One thing I said after the accident was that I was sorry to crash in on them again unexpected to which they responded “that’s what friends are for” which was pretty neat for me to hear. Hopefully this time I can make it on the road successfully.