Far North

Current Location:Kaitaia, Aotearoa

Finished the last long climb of the tour today, just shy of 400 meters, I thought the hill would never end.  Fortunately it did and let me fly down for a good 5km.  I think the rest of the hills on the way back down to Auckland stay around 200 meters which is encouraging.

The last few days have been brilliant riding, and I’ll push on halfway up to the cape today and finish off the rest of it either tomorrow or the following day (I’d really like decent weather when I head up there.)  I’ve been riding though mostly deserted holiday towns and empty roads, which I enjoy a whole lot more than Auckland city streets.

Highlight of yesterdays ride was going through what is probably the oldest Kauri forest left in New Zealand with the oldest Kauri being Tane Mahuta “Lord of the Forest”, age estimated at 2000 years old.  I thought it would be like riding through the Avenue of the Giants in California and to some extent it was.  But when I did the hike to see Tane Mahuta it takes your breath away.

I tend to find myself smiling when telling people I have 1 or 2 days left in this ride.  I’ve gotten a lot of ‘good on ya’ and ‘brilliant’ from people I’ve run into. Time to finish this.

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