Can’t Complain

Current Location:Winschoten, Holland

I’ll never complain about the wind again.  If I should I ask that you put five across the face, I’ll probably stare off into the distance and remember what cycling Denmark was like.  Let me do my best to explain why.

Up until this point I’ve winged about a little wind pushing me backwards.  I realize now that this was just a cooling breeze and nothing more.  I’ve now felt wind that would  make your hair curl, laddie.  In one particular section that day I could almost make out Loki rubbing his hands together and grinning maniacally as I turned a corner and a blast of wind almost took me to the ground. The wind started in the night when I heard it trying to take the tent off of the ground, I put in my earplugs and figured it would be over by morning.  It wasn’t.  The wind was blowing NE and I was heading SW, straight into the maw of the beast it seemed.  I really have never felt anything like this, it tore at every fiber of my being relentlessly.  It might let up for a second only to redouble its efforts to stop me, and accomplishing just that several times.  Up until now I’ve never had to walk the bike on flat ground, that too has changed.

I’ve now learned like surfers must respect the water, above all else I think cyclists must respect the wind.  I endured that day for the greater part of 10 hours against the wind clocking in only 90-100km for the day.  Not an inch was given that I didn’t have to fight for.  And that is why I’ll never complain about the wind again.

I did find Denmark to be shockingly expensive, a fact I bemoaned to mom and dad when they were here.  It was one of my main reasons to get out of the country quickly.   Also the fact that they haven’t switched over to the Euro is fairly irritating.   Other than that the coastal route was really interesting.  I think it was a rough existence for those that choose to live on that side of the country.

Riding back through Germany was nice again, after the headwinds in Denmark I managed to snag a few days of tailwinds which propelled me through Germany quite briskly, a nice change.  I followed the North Sea Cycle Route for a great portion of the ride, it’s nice to not have to look at the map and just focus on the cycling.

Back in Holland again means easy cycling, I have pretty much settled on heading back to the US by mid July and start the ride across.  I think I’ve accomplished most everything I wanted to here and the US will be challenge enough.  I think the only thing now is to stay focused on riding, it’s just a problem figuring out where I want to go, maybe I go back to Belgium for a wee while.

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  1. Hi Doug. I feel exhausted just reading that! Which route are you going to take across the states? By the way since you left the UK I have seen not one British celebrity … since you left they’re just not interested in me any more 😀

  2. Hi Doug, I hate to see you leave Europe without seeing the south of France with its quaint little sleepy villages and country food. It would be a shame to miss the most perfectly groomed principality in the world, Monaco – even just a day is enough there, because living in perfection might be hard to handle. Then again, you would need quite a bit more time to do Italy justice. The history alone is incredible. The food and the ice cream sure beat most orgasms. The aesthetic architecture of Prague and its heavy comfort agrarian food is another worthwhile experience. Just realized you never got to Switzerland where chocolate is the equivalant of sex! Then again, you need to experience the unrivaled beauty of Japan and the grandeur of China. Guess you got to come home and make some bucks to do this adventure all over again!
    Looking forward to seeing you. Much Aloha, Aunty Karen

  3. @alastair It’s the northern tier route by starting in bar harbor maine and ending somewhere in washington. (might throw in the pacific coast again if I have time, leggett hill bested me once, it won’t happen again.)

    @aunty karen I know, it pains me to leave without going to italy as well but i’ve decided when I do italy it will be several months there alone, everything i’ve heard about the food and the place sounds like it deserves that much time. Prague was within reach for me (it’s the beginning of the Elbe river, but visiting mom and dad was more important, so another time) It’ll be nice to get back to family and friends again, it’s been a long time coming.

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