The Beginning

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Current Location: Los Angeles

I finally got around to finishing setting this up, comments and suggestions for the so-called-blog are appreciated.

I’m finally feeling well enough to get on the road. Well, that and I need to start moving sometime otherwise I won’t meet my May 2 deadline of being in Minnesota to pick up ma and pa.

We had quite the weekend here. Fatima, Janice, and I went wine tasting on Sunday in Temecula, which is a winery area to the South of Los Angeles. We found an Almond Champagne that we all thought was the highlight of the tastings that was done that day.

Below is the cast of charachters at the rockness monster house, sans 2 people. First and foremost we have Wolfie, patron of the house. Next we have Janice and Fatima, both amazing artists and crazy kids. Then we have Elonda, Sara?, and Jenova. Elonda is another artist while Jenova is a budding playwright. I didn’t get to meet Sara unfortunately as we crossed paths somewhere between LA and Las Vegas.


On Saturday we went to see a puppet show at the Upright Citizens Brigade. Hands down best puppet show i’ve seen in the last 20 years =D Lots to do in LA but it’s time to move on.

I just tested tihs out in Internet Explorer and it looks terrible, i’ll figure it out when I get to Las Vegas.