Into the Unknown

Distance Travelled: 290.3 miles

Current Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Day 1 down, 2 more to go until I hit Fort Collins Colorado. Tommorrows plan is to hit Hoover Dam, The Grand Canyon, and sleep somewhere around the 4 corners which leaves me at the furthest point from Fort Collins in Colorado as possible.

I’m guessing that the Southern part of the Grand Canyon is the scenic part which is where i’ll be heading tommorow, it’s kinda backtracking as i’ll be heading South for a bit tommorrow but I think the Grand Canyon is worth it. Hoover dam wasn’t part of the original plan but it ends up being on the way so why not.

As for the drive today the hours just slide by. I made one stop at Prim to use the bathroom and get some drinks. So far the ipod + fm transmitter is doing it’s job. Only thing I really did to make it work better was to retract the antenna, after that finding 3 blank stations is a snap which makes for good reception.

I realize that lightbox isn’t working embedded in the page here, i’ve been tweaking on it all night and can’t figure out where i’m going wrong, yet another problem to add to the list of things to fix.