Long Drive Goodnight

Distance Travelled: 1360.9 miles

Current Location: Ft. Collins, Colorado

Wheeeee… hit and surpassed the 1k mark today. I’m reconsidering the Yellowstone portion of this trip as it takes me 400 miles WEST. West is the wrong direction. I’ll probably make the decision on Monday when I start driving again (I’ll be spending the weekend here with Shaun and Catherine.)

I forgot to add in the last post that I drove through Tuba City, Arizona. My mental picture of that place was a lot different than reality. I pictured people polka-ing in the streets and sousaphones on every corner. Sadly this isn’t the case, it’s in the middle of the Navajo Nation and it’s just a regular town. I think my image of this place is a lot better.

I started early this morning, i think 3a or 4a, depending if you account for moving into Mountain Standard or stay on Pacific Standard. In any case my goal of the day was to get to Ft. Collins in time for dinner as Shaun has promised homemade pasta prepared by a friend of theirs.

Of note on todays drive if anyone has the opprotunity to drive on the I70 through Colorado i’d definately reccomend it. So far this has to be the most scenic interstate to drive on that i’ve experienced so far. The mountains are extremely majestic, couple that with the snow it’s a great drive. Only thing I would change if I could would to be driving something a little stronger than the 4 banger Mazda Protege that I am. I struggled through a few of the hills. I didn’t take any pictures as theres not a whole lot of opprotunities to take pictures and I knew it was going to be a long drive.

First bad thing happened today as I was driving on the I70, the windshield got a crack in it from a flying rock kicked up by a truck. I didn’t realize it until I was almost at my destination, right now it’s about 8 inches or so. I’ll keep an eye on it so that it doesn’t extend any.