Go East Young Man, Go East

Distance Travelled: 856.5 miles

Current Location: Cortez, Colorado

Okay, so I wrote this last night as finding internet was problematic at best in the Navajo Nation so I’ll put up todays post after I finish typing this one up.

Quite the day today, got a late start out of Las Vegas due to me getting turned around trying to find Trader Joes. Finally found it and picked up a whole bunch of trail mix and dried fruit, should be enough for the remainder of the trip. I did pick up a road atlas which has been tremendously helpful when it comes to navigation of the bigger roads (not so much with cities and towns.)

First stop was the Hoover Dam. I didn’t do any tour as I was already running behind so I couldn’t find out where they were hiding Megatron all these years. But just looking at the Dam was impressive enough, quite the engineering marvel to see. I’ll create a new photo album where i’ll throw pictures from the road trip into later tonight.

Next stop was the Grand Canyon. Unfortunately pictures just doesn’t do this place justice. It really is something you need to see for yourself to appreciate how grand it is. I still took a bunch of pictures and did a small walk around one of the points. I’d really like to spend a few days there next time I visit, i’m sure there are a ton of trails and campgrounds around there.

Finally I wanted to stop at the 4 corners. (For those keeping track, thats the entire length of Arizona in 1 day) I did make it, but at 9pm and I guess the Navajo Nation shuts down the area at 7p. I thought about it for a while and decided to leave to find shelter for the night which is why I ended up in Cortez Colorado.

I tried a few of the motels around and everything was booked up. So, resigned to my fate I just toughed it up and slept in the car. End of a long day.