Pau Hana

Current Location: Wausau, Wisconsin

Well the final garage sale is done and we’re on the move again. The final take for garage sales was just over $1,200.00. When you pu that into perspective it’s hard to imagine selling all the items of a household for that amount, but at least the task is complete. As for the fate of the 400 some-odd posters they were donated to a local high school social-studies department who were very grateful. As for the rest of the stuff most of it was donated to grandmas old church and the salvation army.

We then spent the following three days cleaning the house from top to bottom while the nights for me were spent reading since the TV got sold on Sunday as well. Yesterday we cleaned until about 2 o’clock until Stanley Steemer arrived and cleaned the carpet for us. So as that dried we went and caught the new Indiana Jones movie and some dinner. Today we planned to be on the road by 11 o’clock but it turns out we had a lot more to do than planned so we got out of there at 1:30pm.

We’re on the road north through Wisconsin to Hurley which is where my fathers granparents raised their kids so we’re off to find the old farm and do some research on Finnish history. We’ll then head south through the Upper Penninsula (UP) of Michigan to Ann Arbor visiting family on the way.

Sorry about no new pictures, now that i’m on the road again I hope to be able to add to the gallery in the next few days.