Just In Time For a Wedding

Current Location: Ann Arbor, Michigan

It’s been a pretty good week since leaving Waukegan. We drove all the way through Wisconsin through the upper penninsula of Michigan on past the Macinac bridge and finally down to Ann Arbor Michigan. We had to postpone the trip to Macinaw island because the weather was so bad we could barely see 30 feet in front of us so it would have made the trip almost worthless, so the next plan is to stop by on the way to Canada. We are staying with my auntie and uncle here for the forseeable future with a small side trip to Canada later in the month.

Up in the northern part of Wisconsin is where my grandmother was raised so one of the things on my dads checklist was to try and find the old farmstead. The last time being there for him was when he was about 9 years old so finding it was tricky. He knew a few of the landmarks like the old school house and an old co-op which might or might not have been there, fortunately for us they were all intact (sorta.) Finding the exact farmstead on the other hand wasn’t as easy, dad knew a few things but wasn’t ceartain what road it was on but knew that the driveway went up a hill before coming down to the houses. We ended up driving around the roads that he thought lead to the house for a while and came up with 2 possibilities for what might have been the farmstead with the second one dad felt was the right place. We later got confirmation that what dad thought was the right place was indeed the correct spot, so we went back and took a load of pictures from what remained of that place.

We arrived here this past Wednesday just in time to help lend a hand for my cousin Rachels wedding which took place last night so things have been fairly busy since arriving. One thing I got to do was mow four acres of lawn on a riding mower which i’ve always wanted to try, so hurrah for that. It was a nice ceremony and dinner with a large portion of the Kirk family (moms side) attending, only people missing was Derek & Nikki. Otherwise everyone else was in attendance.

I think things will slow down a little from here for a while, but I have to put some more time into finding a bicycle soon so I can start getting ready for the Michigander. I updated pictures from the trip through Wisconsin and the Upper Penninsula and I’ll have some from the wedding up tommorow most likely.