Ready, Set…

I forgot to mention what I did for training prior to taking on the michigander. A four mile test ride on Lukes bike. Thats it. Honestly it’s been over 6 months since i’ve really even touched a bicycle so I can truthfully say that I was fairly concerned that I wouldn’t be able to complete this ride. This isn’t a fact I shared with anyone riding the michigander because i’m sure most of them would consider me foolish in the extreme. I share this now to give some perspective on the next few entries.

6/13 Michigander day 1, 47 miles

Hooray, I actually completed a 47 mile bike ride, a personal best for me seeing as i’ve never biked over 20 miles in a single day before. I think my approximate time was 4 hours and 30 minutes which made it about 10 miles an hour (I was hoping I could get that pace.) I may not be saying that tommorow morning (I may be saying oh god I hurt) after my muscles have a chance to tighten up; my guess is that just about everything will ache but the worst pain will probably come from my shoulders, thighs, and ass. One guy I talked to on the trail made the comment ‘it isn’t how long you can peddle, instead it’s how long you can sit in the saddle.’ By the 4th hour I was a beliver in that saying.

As my parents and I have noted on this trip Michigan trails and parks are extremely well kept and this ride was no exception. The first 27 miles of todays ride was pretty flat and paved the entire way which made for an easy start. Following that was a section through regular roads which I soon learned to mean hill-work. We finished the day on another rail/trail.

I was supposed to meet Bill and Sarah to watch a minor league game but arrived a little to late, which might be a good thing so I can rest more.

Tommorow ought to be interesting.

I’m lucky I took two pictures, i’m not sure i’ll be able to lift my camera because my shoulders hurt so much.