Bring on the Pain

6/15 Michigander Day 2, 57 miles

List of things that hurt when waking up:

  • Thighs
  • Knees

Yup, thats all that I could tell really hurt when waking up, although I know I’ll feel the rest of it when riding.

I’ve given Luke’s bike and I the team name “Lava Flow” because sometimes we have speedy bursts but most of the time we just ooze.

It’s with mixed emotion I passed the century mark today, I remember thinking how amazing it is that I actually completed over 100 miles, but at the same time i’m in so much pain all over right now it sorta blocks anything else out at times. Tommorow will be a true test.

Today also marked the longest leg of the tour, so if there is anything good that happened today, besides me finishing. It’s that the long leg is out of the way. My estimated time of finishing the 57 miles was close to 7 hours. I ended up taking more and longer breaks, especially since we did some unpaved trails today.

I remember thinking after I finished biking that day that I might try to skip the next day and just ride with Sarah in the van. I was really concerned about my knees and just surviving the following day in general.