Gotta Keep Moving

6/16 Michigander Day 3, 51 miles

A new day begins and a checklist of what hurts

  • Knees
  • I can’t feel my left hand pink & ring finger

I was thinking that my knees would complain more than they are today which led me to think that I might try to skip todays ride and just load up my bike with Sarah and ride along with her. The more I thought about it I came to the conclusion that if I skipped one day I wouldn’t get back into the saddle. I think the rest of my body has given up complaining until I stop riding for a few days when i’ll just fall apart.

The sense of elation wasn’t with me today as I crossed the finish line as it was yesterday even though we finished the second longest leg of the tour today.

Aunt Kathleen asked me if i’m glad I did this. I think it’s a little early to answer this question but i’ll hazard a guess at this point. I hope the answer will be a resounding yes, the reason being to see how far physically and mentally I can push myself without breaking. While I may be deteriorating physically I am not letting me stop.

Tommorow is the shortest leg of the tour, hooray for small victories.