Moving Right Along

6/16 Michigander Day 4, 38 miles

Whats wrong with me today:

  • Knees
  • Thighs
  • I still can’t feel my pinky & ring finger on the left hand but it’s now migrated to my right hand which leaves me with 6 normal fingers.

If somoene would have asked me after the first day if i’d like to do a 38 mile bike ride i’m quite ceartain I would have balked at them thinking they were out of their mind. But after finishing 2 50+ mile rides it almost feels too easy.

Something to note about todays ride is i’m told Cadillac (where we ended today) is probably the highest point in Michigan ( i sure wish someone would have told me that sooner) suffice to say we had some monster hills to go over today which somewhat makes up for the shorter ride. In case anyone is wondering i’m drinking between 1-2 gallons of water a day i’d guess. At every SAG (Support And Gear) stop I fill 2 liters of water and there are usually 3 SAG stops a day, so staying well hydrated isn’t really a problem. I am also getting a nice farmers tan up here, it would have to be me to leave Hawaii and come to Michigan to get a tan.

I’ve learned there are things I hate riding through, so far the list is limited to sand. It’s like a black hole to energy, sand sucks whatever momentum you have and leaves you standing still. The only thing worse than riding through sand that I can think of would be riding through sand uphill with a head wind, I think i’d rather walk.

As a side note my cousin Bill who turned me onto this ride has given his Best/Worst awards for this years tour.