Back Where It All Started

I think it’s fairly fitting for me to end up where this road trip started, it adds a symmetry to this trip and it adds a nice ending to a long ride.

I’ve found the time to decompress after the ride and it’s given me time to think about the ride a bit.

These are some of the things I learned on this ride.

  1. Drying your shoes by the fire can melt your shoelaces, but it’s worth losing those in favor of having dry shoes in the morning.
  2. Disappointment Bay really is a disappointment. – Steve
  3. Riding alone makes for an easy ride, camping with a group makes for a better way to end the day.
  4. Cape Lookout, Oregon is the best campground.

I have to say thanks to Brandon and his family for housing and feeding us quite well last Saturday night. I think that food really helped me pull through the following day when I did my longest day of 97 miles, I ended up 2.5 miles short of a century. I didn’t quite plan my day to be that long but the campground I aimed for ended up being closed which meant I had to pull through another 9 miles as the sun was setting. I made it to camp as twilight was disappearing but it ended up being a long, I had planned to do 88 miles with two 1000 ft ascents just to see if I could do it, plus I wanted to see if I could stay ahead of Brandon who was leaving a day later to finish up the ride to Mexico. It ended up being a stark contrast to the beginning of the trip where I had to push the bike up hills, where I could now plow through such large hills without much trouble. It could also do with the fact that Galu was right and I should get new shorts and a new belt. While in SLO I got to jump on a scale and it turns out I lost at least 40 lbs. in 1 month. Perhaps I should write a book on my secret to weight loss though I think my book is pretty short.

Step 1. Quit Job Step 2. Buy Bicycle Step 3. Ride Bicycle for 1 month every day for an average of 6 hours. Appendix A. Diet – Eat everything you can, you’ll need every calorie to push that heavy bike everywhere. The end

Right now I’m waiting on a few things before setting off to New Zealand. The visa has been applied for and my bike is in the shop getting some much needed love. My uncle bill is hooking me up with some new wheels for the bike which have a few more spokes which will help with the breaking so much hopefully. The target date for liftoff is November 4th, which I find somewhat fitting. In theory if I leave then when I land everything regarding the election will be done.

I’ve added another set of pictures