Things seem to be going in my favor. I got approved for a New Zealand visa last week and I’ve purchased my ticket to New Zealand. It’s weird, I kept thinking they would deny me entry because I would be turning thirty 2 months after entering the country but it seems they don’t mind. Last week turned out to be a very intense week for me, Angie will be happy to hear that I have insurance (at least while i’m in New Zealand) I’ve joined up as a WWOOF’er. Much to some peoples chagrin i’ll be leaving on the 4th as planned and I still find it to be somewhat amusing.

On other notes from the rockstar house i’ve been living in the last few weeks, I got to attend a aireoke, like karaoke but only air instruments allowed. I have to say it was quite the enlightening experience for me as I seem to leave out the most important part of the philosophy of air guitar which is “If everyone picked up an air guitar they couldn’t hold a gun” It turned out to be a ton of fun, all of the performances were amazing and the group performances were transcendent. I shot a bunch of pictures and had fun with the rapid fire shooting of my camera and stitched together a few, the image clocks in at 2megs so it takes quite a while to load but it’s worth it (Janice and Elonda are in the back on drums and piano)


On a completely seperate note the fellow from London who I was cycling with, Alastair, completed his ride to the Mexico border late last week, so congratulations are completely in order.

Tomorrows the day, weird to actually say that after thinking about doing this for over a year now. Next time I write it will be as an expatriate.

Thunercats hooooooooooooooo!