Staying in One Place

Current Location: Pongaroa, Aotearoa

I liked Napier a lot, the wine tasting I did was great. At some of the wineries we got to sample up to nine different wines. After a while I stopped telling the difference between wines and just kept on drinking. The city is also kinda a neat place, lots to do around the city and it certainly has a character to it.

I spent the last two days cycling to get to my first wwoof’ing appointment. And before when I said forestry work I really meant working on at a equine facility. You can understand how I would mix those up. The good thing is I arrived in one piece, it’s started to get hotter and hotter as the days go on. A good sign that summer might finally be here. It’s either that or I’m on the hot side of the island, as this is where a lot of the wine is grown. Yesterday it was abundantly obvious as the area I was cycling through reminded me a lot of the Napa valley region.

It’ll be weird but I might actually have to stick around here for a bit, but the work seems like it could be fun. It sounds like there’s a lot of bush area to be reclaimed for the horses to feed on along with some other garden type of work. Lets hope I can last, though I can’t imagine it being harder than cycling for 10 hours. I’m not sure what kinda internet I’ll be able to use so updates might be a little more infrequent. I’ll post when I can.