Working, Again

It seems I wasn’t all together wrong in saying I’d be working in a forestry field coming here. It’s just that I’m working in the deforestry of a few fields on the farm. I’m working with Max and Jane on their 200 some odd acre farm trying to reclaim a paddock from a particular type of tree. So I’ve been spending the last few days throwing trees over a fence while Max cuts them down, quite the tiring work. It’s weird, having a job after an 8 month break. You should try it.

Theres no television or cell phone here so as you can probably imagine it’s fairly remote. They do have a movie collection that would make dad proud so thats usually what I do to entertain myself after finishing 4 hours of hurling trees. And as a celebratory thing I’ve finally eaten lamb. It took one whole month to get to it and it was well worth the wait. Max is an excellent cook and we’ve had things raised here on the farm to eat, including the salads to the venison (wild deer on the farm), sheep, and beef.

Max and Jane are actually a British couple that moved here 10 years ago to start a equine rehabilitation facility and to do research on horse behavior. They have been great hosts and great to talk to about life here in New Zealand. They have given me tons of book and recommended a lot of movies for me to watch regarding all things New Zealand so I’ve dutifully been going through them. There’s also some tramping to do which i’ll get to soon.

Add this to my life experiences, i’ve learned how to hand milk a cow. Hooray me.