The Farmhand

I’ve learned more about cows in the last week than I ever thought I’d learn in my entire life and it’s been an interesting experience through and through. I know gained a whole new respect for bull riders, not that I’ve been up against a bull but I have felt the strength of a cow now and have a healthy respect for them. When the vet was here to check in on one of the sick cows I was instructed to stand at the head of the cow while it was getting it’s shots. It’s head was in the yards so it was restrained, to an extent. I soon learned that I was a bit too close as it lowered it’s head and lifted me off the ground as it went up again (not something I expected.) It also butted me in the chest a few times, enough to leave a mark. Other than that they all have personalities which makes it interesting to work with sometimes.

Other than sick cows we had a water crisis on the farm where we were running without water for a few days which had me digging holes around the property (somewhat at random) in hopes of diagnosing the leak. And hand carrying water with Max from one trough to another trough so the cows would have water. In the end it ended up being a problem with faulty assumptions that led to the problem.

Random tasks have started popping up to the list of things to do which is kinda nice as scrub cutting would get a little boring. So we’ve taken to fixing fence line, adding water lines, adding troughs, moving stock around (can I add the title of shepherd yet?) We continue to eat well at meals, includes at least 2 bottles of wine each night (aunt Karen would fit right in at the dinner table.) Things move along nicely here, quiet and calm.

I added a few pictures from Napier on south.