New Beginnings

Current Location: Bangkok, Thailand

The final person I talked to in New Zealand as I was leaving the airport happened to be a person doing surveys on the tourism.  Funnily enough she wanted to know how long I had been there and what towns I had spent at least one night at.  1 hour later I was still going strong on what should have been a 15 minute survey.  I couldn’t stop laughing at every town I had to spell for her and the sheer size of the list.  After we finished the list of towns she wanted to know everything I did in each town, we both laughed a lot and towards the end as they were calling for my plane it started all going down on post-it notes with a promise to put them in the system after I had left.  Of all the people she could have picked she picked the one who cycled around the country, unreal.

For the life of me I can’t get onto Thai time, each night at around 7pm I get really tired and force myself to stay awake until midnight at least which would make it 6am kiwi time.  The only problem is that when midnight rolls around I’m no longer tired and spend the night tossing and turning, it’s getting pretty old fast.

On to what I’ve managed to accomplish in the first few days.  I’ve figured out how to use the skytrain and subway system here in Thailand, it’s very similar to the one run in Hong Kong except the HK system runs a wee bit faster.  I’ve manage to cross the road without being run over, but that’s really a daily tribulation rather than something to be accomplished.  I’m not talking about crossing little two lane streets, I’m talking about 8 lane no zebra stripes, cars flying every which way, motorcycles deftly zigging and zagging, people standing in between lanes, praying not to get run over.  Very exhilarating.

I’ve also spent a fair amount of time in the mall getting kitted out with some new duds as most of the stuff I had with me went the way of the wwoofer plus I hadn’t bought new clothes since the cycle trip started so everything was extremely loose.  Not my idea of a great time, but it’s a necessary evil.

I’ve also got my first Thai massage, something I promised myself I would get after finishing the cycle trip.  I now see why it could be called the gumby massage.  These little 90lbs girls use whatever leverage they can to bend your body in ways you never imagined.  I think the trick is to relax completely when they get to the end because that’s when they tend to get creative and do all the spine straighting things.  Bonus to the massage is for 1hr it costs 10$us, it’s a deal if I ever heard one.

The food has been worth the wait, if I tried to calculate how much Thai iced tea (it’s called that in some places even here,  you would think it would just be iced tea) I’d be scared to know, but it’s just so good.  I’ve had a fair amount of the standard thai food, it’s time to move onto the more exotic stuff soon and street vendors.

Now that I’ve got the skytrain and subway sussed out I’ll start doing some sightseeing tomorrow

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