Dust Off the Cobwebs

It’s about time I shake off the rust on these old legs and see if they can’t propel me around another country.

In a moment of divine clarity Matthew suggested I cycle around Iceland.  So there it is, I promptly booked tickets to Iceland on the 15th of April.  Fourteen days away.  It’s just enough time to get Penny back into riding shape and get my mind right once again.  I’m not terribly sure about the route yet but from the small amount of research I’ve done it looks very manageable.

I’ve loved this video about Iceland, as it captures my imagination of the place and helps validate my choice of country (a few seconds of NSFW.):

Inspired by Iceland Video from Inspired By Iceland on Vimeo.

It will be 23 days of exploring Iceland.  Less than I’m used to but it’ll have to do.

PS. This is not an April fools joke.

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