Current location: Keflavik, Iceland

A rather unremarkable start to this trip. After arriving this morning and getting into the hostel I setup my bike and got supplies for the road. I whittled away the rest of the day sleeping and pouring over maps trying to figure out the planned stops.

The hostel I’m staying at is part of an abandoned US military base. A lot of the buildings look worn but it seems as if they are trying to make use of the buildings. The city I’m in is a fair distance from Reykjavik which means it’s very quiet.  I’ve only seen one other guest at the hostel which doesn’t surprise me terribly as it is still the off season for holiday goers.

I think my chief concern now, as it has been since I thought up this scheme, is the weather. The taxi driver told me this morning to give up any hope of cycling the West coast as they are still dealing with meters of snow.  Fortunately for me the West coast was last on my itinerary so I can make a decision when I get there.

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